I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger at all the following is just an honest review on products I’m obsessed with.

I’ve been using Hemp Hand cream for two years and the rest of this kit since January when I picked it up in a sale.I thought it best to wait a while before I posted my review.

The reason I began using Hemp hand cream is because my mits were incredibly rough due to constantly having them in paints and chemicals (life of an artist eh) and they vastly improved and I have used it religiously used it since, its simply the best.

The body cream stays on all day and once its on you can’t smell it. The foot cream made my feet pretty soft but I’d put it on at night with socks on.

The lip butter didn’t really do anything for me but then I don’t have dry lips.

The only downside for some people is the smell but to me its pretty neutral and a little clinical as it does what it says on the proverbial tin however I  can over look that.

Oh and they last forever I’m not even halfway with any of these and I bought them two months ago.

I hope this has been helpful hombres!