I got a crowded train last night after hitting Oxford Street. I was just checking my phone, reading PR emails, texting back people etc when this  cutie got on and he looked at me, Now I usually give guys what my mum calls the ‘stankface’ (which usually means I’m not interested, don’t look at me, don’t talk to me  I have pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it look lol)  but for some reason I found my self smiling back at him. We were standing as there were no seats the train got so packed and we ended up standing next to each other and he put his arm out so as to protect me against the surge of people pushing against me and he told me to put my bags next to his feet so they were safe. We got talking we talked a lot actually about uni, life parents stuff really  (which is surprising behaviour from me as I don’t interact well with strangers). We finally managed to get seats. We were just talking away we got on to my blog and what he does at uni etc. I suddenly  looked at the bag he was holding and noticed all the fingers on his left hand looked really odd I could see the bend of the knuckle but nothing else all his fingers bar his thumb were missing ,he noticed me looking and searched for a reaction in my eyes I simply smiled but inside my mind was racing a mile a minute I wanted to ask what happened but I didn;t want to upset him, he then proceeded to put them in his pocket, away from view, away from my prying eyes, he hid them from me and I decided to carry on chatting away. I got of the train  said my goodbyes and headed home (home to my life, home to my loving family, I knew in that moment that I had glimpsed his life and through him the lives of so many others like him  . While walking to my taxi, most of last night and today I’ve been thinking of how much I take for granted in life.

I must admitted I cried when I realised that my biggest worries are wether or not daddy will finally relent buy me those Isabel Marant booties, where I’m spending NYE, if people can tell how many pounds I’ve put on and if I’ll get into university and yet, there are people starving people suffering, people who have gone through so much more than I ever will, are born with disabilities and even people who live in fear daily yet are still so grateful to be alive.
That encounter last night has really made me think about whats truly important,  my role in life what I want from it, and its also made me incredibly grateful for what I do have.

My parting words are just be grateful and content life is too short.
Theres always someone who has it far worse than you do.