Rusty Vintage

Jacket/Coat Hybrid – Mothers Wardrobe& its Vintage
Cashmere Cardigan (barely seen)- Michael Kors
 Dress – H&M
Snood – H&M
Shoes – Vintage brogues

I left at 10 and was back from 6th form by 2 that is how sick I felt today and I still had time to take pictures. Superwoman or what 😉
I stole this jacket/coat/blazer hybrid from my mothers wardrobe, I usually hate orangey things but this colour reminds me of a rusty colour is there you go. I love the zips and buttons.
I pretty much take that Steve Madden bag everywhere, its just right for carrying school books, my knitting (I always have some on me) and whatever else I need.


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  • That Jacket is great, it really makes the black standout!

  • Are you wearing a hat?

  • Great post, your blog is so awesome

  • Great jacket

  • thanks for commenting! great outfit!

  • Divine! This burnt orange short coat is simply gorgeous on you!

  • what a nice coat!! :X

  • Thanks everyone x

  • This blazer is super fab, i LOVE love the colour 🙂
    Stay gorgeous!

  • Fantastic color of your blazer. Hope you are feeling better-and again thank you for thinking of me.

  • Thank you and your welcome hun x

  • gongon you look amazing in that blazer!saw you walking to school that morning and i was like wooooah 😉
    -Shan x

  • loooooove your jacket !!!

  • I love this blazer so much! The colour is lush xo

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