2013 slide Fashion OOTD

Rock out with your fro out

Disclaimer *Okay so I know the title is Rock out with your fro out but there is no rocking in this post*

So hombres in this post I do this thing called smiling for once (or my version of it anyway).Rock out with your fro out
I’m always being told I don’t smile in my posts and have been on the receiving end of many an email about this from many of you so here ya go- don’t say I don’t do anything for you.
Also I’m wearing colour so yay?!.
This ASOS Africa jacket is just the cats meow but its sold out now.
Oh and ofcourse there is a ‘froexplosion of hair on my head… 

Rock out with your fro out

I’m Wearing:

Asos Africa Jacket

H&M Budapest Earrings

Daniel Wellington Watch* buy here

Zara Flats and Bag

Topshop Joni Jeans buy here

Happy Humpday yo!


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