Roads Afropolis 

It’s nearly spring and what better way to usher that in than with a new scent?
Personally I adore a strong masculine scent, blame it on my preteen obssesion
with wearing Britney Spears Fantasy #vom. Add to the fact I hate wearing a scent
everyone else is wearing then you’ll get why I’m always searching for a new signature scent.
I had the pleasure of spending an evening with the Roads group a few months
ago at Quaglino’s and when it came time to pick a fragrance  I was ofcourse
super excited to smell them all they have a pretty great variety and I was
into most of them but Afropolis is my Jam!!! It has the perfect blend feminine
& masculline notes, it’s strong, it’s lively, it’s clean& it’s sassy so
ofcourse it is my current favourite.Roads Afropolis 

roads group fragrance, roads afropolis,afropolis,




“Afropolis celebrates the dynamic
cultural clash and rise of Africa’s
multi-cultural, energetic and
diverse cities, here an exciting,
exuberant andtenacious fragrance
Topped by the lightness of Gin,
Juniper Berries, Fresh citrus &
spearmint, reinforced by Blondewoods,
Iris, Oak moss and marine and coloured
by Ebony wood, vetiver, amber and
radiant cashmere musk to create
a melodious finale.”


roads group fragrance, roads afropolis,afropolis, Roads Afropolis

I have to say the packaging is just perfect it’s not
overyly fussy but it is very well done.
5 months on and my bottle is half full – even although
it’s an eau de parfum I spritz on a lot so this is a win!!
You can get it here.

Anyway enough of the worlds quickest blog post ha,I have
an inbox to tackle and several fires to put out!

Happy Thursday Peeps