Oh I do like to be by the seaside

Cheeky shots I took after my interview at Brighton today. Who does an outfit post by the beach in a coat instead of a bikini? I do.
Also it was freezing and I am not that hardcore.
Anyway I am going to keep this short as my arms hurt from assaulting people on public transport with my a1 folder – yes I’m that annoying girl who does that lol. I need to sleep.
The last picture is b&w and out of focus because I’ve finally learnt how to shoot in b&w haha and its out of focus because I forgot that was important – I am a genius me.
Alex reckons I look lie a black Jordana from the film Submarine (you should watch it) in this get up … not to sure how to take this so if he goes missing it means I took it badly ha.
                                        Goodnight lovelies and have a nice day tomorrow.

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