Never Enough Time

 Never Enough Time

Lately it seems as though I never have enough time. 24 hours in a day and I simply need more of the stuff. I’m trying to fix that work/life/play balance but I fear my friends are falling by the wayside luckily I have an understanding bunch I just wish I could be better, more reliable but I simply have to believe that it’ll get better soon.never enough time

I never shared this when I was going through it but in my final year of university, I developed chronic gastritis caused by stress and frankly I hadn’t realised I was stressed but it seems my body did. Since then and also after getting super lethargic in early January there are certain things I no longer compromise on if I’m to work hard. Regardless of how busy I am or my schedule 90% of the time I make time to workout (running, yoga, weights) five times a week,  to eat well and pray/meditate in the morning, to call up my mentors when I start to derail and neglected but beloved friends aside I feel amazing, strong and capable – Ideal when my daily schedule changes so much and I have to manage and put out several fires.

This new (to me) way of life has lead to a happier me and there is nothing I value more than personal happiness. If I’m about to do something I ask myself will this make me happy? Will it make me happy down the line? Is it worth it? And if the answer is no then it goes into the trash. Simple is as simple does hombres! 

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Oh … Happy New Year Peeps lol.