Photos by Lucy G
From the tittle ya’ll know I’ve been listening to Jessica Simpson – forgive me for my taste in music lol.

It seems alot is changing around me right now and I’m both excited and scared but ofcourse I’m sure many of you are feeling this way too. Change happens for a reason embrace it and as cliche as this is go with the flow. I’m just learning to let go and just let things do what they do.

Passed my Foundation course on Monday so I’m officially going to University woot woot, I also found the perfect apartment for Steph and I and put the cash down, we move in mid August and I canny wait.
I love these Topshop Ambush boots but then again I love anything comfortable that makes me taller lol. Also glad I bought this tshirt from ASOS, I can’t wait to wear it with shorts. 
Allow me a moment of self deprecation here lol were the hell have my eyes gone in these shots? lol
What I’m wearing
Tshirt – ASOS
Necklace – ASOS
Bag – Zara
Jeans – River Island
Boots – Topshop