A couple of weeks ago I attended a flower arranging masterclass morning at Jamie Aston Flowers to celebrate the arrival of Spring and Benettons new floral collection. Flower Arranging and Tutu’s

I love flowers so often get them from well everyone and I pretty much always just plonk them into a vase with no real thought to arranging them so I was super excited to learn and hopefully put my skills to work.

It was such a fun morning  we were handed a load of flowers and shown what to do, we had spray roses, forget me nots, hydrangeas, sweet peas and y new favourite flowers ranunculus and an  hour (or two) later I had a beautiful bouquet hand-tied and arranged by me! I definitely recommend having a go with friends!

2014-04-031 NRC_1663  NRC_1679  NRC_1697 Jamie Aston Flowers

Flower Arranging and Tutu’s 

Ordinarily I’d pair a shirt with some black ripped jeans and boots but something about florals makes me want to get all lady like and proper (read channel my mother or a Southern Belle essentially the same thing with different lexis)!

This is what I actually wore to church the other day:

2014-04-03Collages7 NRC_2007   NRC_2024NRC_2028Flower Arranging and Tutu's, I AM NRC, Southern Belle, Ngoni Chikwenengere, Top Blogger  NRC_2034 

 Happy Humpday Mothalovas!



  1. LoopyLou
    / 5:25 pm

    you always look so great, girl suits you though

  2. Jamie
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  3. jen
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