Creepers, Stars and Cable Knits

Pictures by my Leena.

I really didn’t think I was the kind of girl who could wear creepers but everyone has been complimenting me on them and I even got stopped twice while out by people wanting to know were my shoes were from and what they were.
I’m sure most of you already know as they’ve been around forever, these are Underground Creepers from Urban Outfitters and mine are a size4. They are so comfy and make me like an inch taller yaay (we all know how much I despise heels haha).

I love this jumper from NewLook it is soo incredibly warm and has a cable knit down the sides of each arm.
I found this gem of a skirt (clearly influenced by the Dolce and Gabbana star print) in Matalan << SCORE.

Happy Friday Lovelies <3
I’m wearing :
Jumper – Newlook
Skirt – Matalan 
Creepers – Underground via Urban Outfittera
Bag – Fendi
Tights – Marks & Spence
Hat – H&M

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