Far From Mellow Yellow, Quite Rightly

Pictures by my Aunty Lolo

Apologies for the picture quality I forgot to put a new memory card in my Canon.

I’m not a body con gal by any means, I prefer to keep my bod well hidden and insulated lol but this dress, this dress from Liquorice Boutique* is amazing, hello bod 😉
I had to tone the yellow down with my usual heavy dose of black to make it more me but I love it.
As a 5″5 gal and what my 6″2 dad lovingly classes as a midget I’d never thought I would wear a calf length dress and not feel tiny but I feel this works non?

Check out Liquorice Boutique they have some lovely pieces for everyone, it worth flicking through.

What I’m wearing :
Dress – Liquorice Boutique*
Hat – Old H&M
Shoes – Carvela (they look just like my new looks ones -___-)
Bag – Fiorelli
Hope your having a nice week lovelies,
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  • You look freakin’ fab Ngoni! Hello Miss Hourglass! So jealous of your bod!

    • So Jealous of your hair!

  • omfg your body is ridiculous please share the curves woman

    sophie x

  • fabulous dress!

  • Sure does! The dress really compliments your body, and the color, though bright, works well. You look good! 🙂


  • The colour yellow really suits you, and you have a great figure to pull it off! X

  • This dress fits so well, looks hawt! The hat just adds more sass, very ladylike:) xxx

  • hang on a minute whilst i pick my jaw up off the floor….

    URM HELLO, YOU ACTUALLY LOOK SO FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE. i absolutely LOVE that this is yellow too, and so bold! I am not a bodycon fan (she says with two items in her wardrobe) BUT HELL YOU’VE MADE ME WANT TO GO BUY ONE!!
    seriously beautiful.x

  • omg your bod is HOT HOT HOT!!

    this look is smooooooking.

    J x

  • Wow! You have the perfect figure for this kind of dress! So jealous of those curves! That colour is amazing on you too!

    Thanks for the lovely comment too, I can’t believe I’d never come across your blog! Loving your style! 🙂

    • I can’t believe I hadn’t come across yours either hun love it

  • ahhhhhhh! the dress is super gorgeous on you, the print, your curves! before i die of jealousy i love this!

    • Well I adore your hair, truce?

  • This dress is amazing, you look stunning.

  • omg this is amazing
    you are so hot!


  • omg ! This dress looks sooooo amazing on you !!! the shape and the color are just perfect!
    You’ve got awesome shoes and hair 🙂

    beautiful look ! xx

  • looks stunning! I have bought a similar style dress and at 5″5 I’m a bit scared off pulling it off too! but yes, you look amazing

    – ordaining serendipity

    • Do it, I was scared too x

  • Thanks for visiting my blog:) what an amazing look! you are very beautiful 🙂

  • you look AMAZING in this dress….it’s great that the jacket and and accessories are muted to allow the dress to take the spotlight x


    • I hadn’t thought of it like that ty x

  • perfect it! love it!

  • this dress is amazing. looks so great on you x

  • Gorgeous dress!!! U look great 🙂

    xo Emma

  • love that neon yellow!


  • oh this look really fit you and your figure u look taller =)

    • lol yay to height even if it is an illusion

  • ooooo mama. you are looking good. that dress is perfection and i think the length of it looks great on you!


    • Looking good miss goni

  • Wow, you look great!!

  • Cheeky bod ey gon

  • You are gorgeoussss xx

  • Your dress is gorgeous!! Bright yellow and print, two of my favourite things! Haha
    The outfit is great!

    Halima 🙂


  • I fell in love with your fabulous dress, GORGEOUS girl!!;)
    Thank you for your comment and following, I’m gladly doing the same!;)

  • Wish I had a body like yours – well jel

  • Wow you’ve got a gorgeous figure! Lovely dress 🙂

  • So glad I cam across your blog, you was in a Company the other day? Aha great look

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