So I decided to pierce my nose, something I’ve been meaning to do for well ever but have never had the cajones involved to go through with it. It hurt but then pain has never been something I can deal with, I’m a total wimp and since then its been absolutely fine.
I have so many more LFW posts for you lovely lot but I’ve been rocking my fro lately so…

Photos by Jodie
What I’m wearing:
Jacket- Diesel
Fur Gilet- DIY
Bracelets- www.shopiamnrc.com
Tshirt – New Look
Jeans – H&M
Boots*- Tribeca Shoes
Also this is my look for the Easy Jet style challenge.
This is pretty much what I would wear for a day running around Amsterdam, and Dam square. The flat boots to keep my feet warm and toast and the layered jacket incase the sun decided to pop out and a satchel with my camera in. When I away I shop, visit the museums and indulge in the local cuisine.



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