Birthday and Blogiversary

The blog turned two on Saturday the 24th and I turned twenty *insert crying face here*.
I’m currently going through what I’m referring to as my 1/5th crisis so no more talk about my age lol.
I’m so proud of my little blog and I feel so privileged to have you all as my readers.
The last two years have truly been awesome and I can’t wait to see what the next two have to offer!
I’ve met so many lovely people,worked with some great brands and generally had a blast.

A big thank you ofcourse to my darling brother and lovely Alex for always talking my photos for me and anyone else I’ve chucked my camera at and said ‘I neeeeeed blog photos’ as I swiftly ran into position before you could say no.
This ‘Belle’ dress from Jones and Jones is  just gorgeous albeit a little daring, this is what I’m wearing to my belated birthday dinner tonight.
If your blessed in the erm ‘chest area’ I suggest going a size up I went for a 12 I’m glad I did.
What I’m wearing:
Ring- NEXT*
Shoes – MMM x H&M


  1. Anonymous
    / 8:58 pm

    You look all kinds of gorgeous missy!


  2. / 9:46 pm

    You look beaaaaauuuuuriful *Nigerian accent* Ngoni! That dress is so babely on you!

    XOXO Sade

    • / 9:54 pm

      hehe Sade your slay me errtime!

  3. / 10:20 pm

    YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your blog and style, keep it up xo

  4. / 1:20 am

    The birthday girl looks GOLDEN!
    Happy birthdayyy <3

  5. / 1:40 am

    I need your heels! looool



  6. / 2:26 pm

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary!!!!! That´s an awesome look. You have these amazing MMM wedges and they look hot. You locky girl!!!


  7. / 11:41 pm

    Lovely! You are ssoo sexy in these heels and this dress!

  8. / 10:58 am

    Congrats on your reaching your two year anniversary~ Your style and trendsetting fashion inspirations will keep you going for many years to come!!!

    Love your blog!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  9. / 1:09 pm

    i like you with red balloonies!
    hihi, looks so sweet! thank you for your comment you left at my blog,
    i think it would be a great idea to follow eatch other, wat do you think?
    liefs, laila.

  10. / 1:17 pm

    You look beautiful, such a lovely figure!

    Maria xxx


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